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Where are your products produced?

We are proud to share that all our development and production are done here in sunny Los Angeles, California. #MadeInTheUSA

Do you make custom gowns?

No, unfortunately Katie does not take on custom clients.  #StressLevelsHighEnough

What is the production time required for bridal?

All our bridal gowns require sixteen (16) weeks to produce. If you need a gown sooner than the sixteen (16) weeks, we do offer rushes at an additional charge.  Please note that our gowns are not custom and do require tailoring.  Please plan an additional six (6) to eight (8) weeks for tailoring of your wedding gown.  #PlanIt

Do you offer rushes in bridal?

Yes, we offer as early as four (4) weeks, and as late as twelve (12) week rushes, with everything in between.  Please note that there are associated fees depending on the rush selected.  #GotYou

What is the production time required for bridesmaid?

Our bridesmaid gowns are produced on a cut schedule.  The schedule is available by emailing or contacting your closest Katie May Bridesmaid Store.  Please note that our bridesmaid gowns are not custom and require tailoring, which takes rough two (2) to four (4) weeks with a tailor.  #ItsTooComplexAndItAnnoysMeToo

Do you offer rushes in bridesmaid?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer rushes with our bridesmaid gowns.  #Don'tCryToMeAboutNotOrderingWhenYouWereSupposedToPlease

Do you ever have gowns available to purchase in your inventory?

Yes, we have Bridal gowns as well as Bridesmaids gowns available to be immediately purchased through our Open-to-Sell program.  Please email to find out if the gown you are wanting to purchase is available.  #WearItG  

Will my purchase need tailoring?

Yes. Our gowns are not custom and require tailoring. #CrazyPeopleStillDon'tGetThis

Do you ever have sample sales?

Yes. We strive to have one sample sale yearly in our Los Angeles Showroom.  The details are announced on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), so please follow us if you do not currently.  We also have discounted gowns available for sale on,  Please note that the sample sale gowns, as well as the gowns sold on the discounted gown website, are final sale and are non-returnable and non-exchangable.  #HollerForADollar

Do you have a location near me?

We are carried in boutiques all over the world. For a full list of where we are carried, please visit our Locations Page. If you are not near any of our locations, we would be more than happy to send you a sample gown! For more information about this process, please click here.  #DemandMoreKatieMay

Do you offer customizations on bridal?

Our gowns are not custom, but we offer adjustments to each gown in our bridal range to fit your body better, or lightly change the gown to align better with your aesthetic needs.  Please visit the product page of the style you are interested in, scroll to the middle of the page, and on the right side of the screen, see the embedded image of our Adjustment Guide.  This outlines the adjustment offerings and renders an image for you to better understand how the adjustment is made to the gown.  Please note that there are associated fees depending on the adjustment selected.  Also, please note that even with the adjustments, tailoring is still required.  #GetItRightGetItTight

Do you offer customizations on bridesmaid?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer customizations or adjustments to our bridesmaid range.  #Can'tImagaineTheRequestsIWouldGet

Can I order a gown without trying on a sample?

Yes; however, this is something we advise against. Once you place a gown order, it is non-returnable, so it is highly recommended that you confirm the gown is a style and size you are comfortable with before purchasing it.  #RiskyBusiness

How does the sample gown process work?

Please click here to learn in detail about the process.  #HopeYouLikeToRead

Are customs/duties refunded for a sample gown?

Most of our international brides are able to get refunded for the customs and duties they pay for their sample gown. It differs for each country, so please contact your Customs Office for specifics pertaining to your shipment. Katie May is not responsible for any customs/duties charges you may incur.  #B*tchBettaHaveMyMoney