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Am I able to order these gowns directly through Katie May, or only through the stockists listed on the website?

The Katie May Bridesmaids Collection is only available to order through the stockists listed on our site, not through us directly.  


Are there rush options available for Bridesmaids?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rushes. For immediate orders, please inquire about our Open-to-Sell program.


What is Open-to-Sell?

Open-to-Sell is our overstock that is available for immediate purchase, and inventory is sent to our accounts weekly via email.  These products are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so MOVE quickly and stealthy. Once a formal Purchase Order has been received for our OTS, the order will ship within five (5) business days from when Purchase Order is confirmed by our team. Please note that these products are from older cuts and we are unable to guarantee matching dye lots.


Do you send swatches?

No, we do not send swatches.  We provide 1/4 yard fabric swatches in all colors/fabrics in our offering to accounts yearly that should be used to swatch for customers. If needed, accounts are able to purchase 1/2 yard & 1 yard pieces for their customers. Please reference Sales Tool for pricing information on swatches.


Do you offer customizations, like extra length and such?

Unfortunately, we do not; however, fabric is available to purchase for the crafty tailors to work their magic on. Also, lots of our full length gowns look amazing in the midi length.


When will my order ship?

We produce on a cut schedule. This means we gather a bunch of orders for a period of time, then produce the orders all together to maximize on this little thing called, Economies of Scale.  Please see the cut schedule page which thoroughly explains the timelines.


Do you offer Woman’s Sizing?

We are currently only offering woman's sizing in Legacy only. Please reference Sales Tool for information.


What else should we know about Katie May?

All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.  Even our crepe fabric is proudly milled in the United States. Now that’s what we call #MadeintheUSA #Proudmom