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Place an Order

The first step is to complete your bridal box order on our website.

Once your bridal box order has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email and your credit card will be charged a REFUNDABLE $350.00 USD per gown ordered, plus a NON-REFUNDABLE shipping fee.

Please note that you are unable to order more than two (2) gowns per bridal box.

Confirm the Details

After your bridal box order has been placed, a stylist will reachout via email to finalize the details associated with your order.

The size of the gown/s to send, the undergarments and veil to include, the date of the scheduled virtual fitting, and the window of time the bridal box loan will take place will be finalized during this step.

Please note that if we do not receive a reply from you within ten (10) days from initial reachout, your bridal box will be cancelled and your credit card will be refunded.

Bridal Box

Once your bridal box has shipped, you will receive tracking information so you are able to excitedly monitor it's progress to you.

Virtual Fitting

During the course of your loan, you will enjoy a complimentary thirty (30) minute virtual fitting with one of our stylists to review the gown/s fit, adjustments, and to receive answers to any question you may have.

Please note the virtual fitting is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

Return to Sender

Follow the checklist included in your bridal box and return ship the box and contents back to us within the established time frame.

The bridal box has the ability to reseal without any additional packaging material, and the returns label is included in your shipment for a very easy and painless return.

Reimbursement of Deposit

Once your bridal box has been received back, our Quality Control team will review the gown/s returned, and a stylist will reach out to confirm if you would like to proceed with placing an order, or be refunded the REFUNDABLE deposit.

Please note that the refund will be on the $350.00 USD deposit per gown/s, and NOT on the shipping.