They've Arrived - The Charleston & St. Lucia

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Here is an incredibly brief recap of life recently: I got pregnant (HOLY), we moved back to Los Angeles from Tokyo, we moved the biz to downtown Los Angeles from Venice, we had our little man River Michael in August, and have been slowly acclimating ourselves to our new digs in Manhattan Beach.  It's been life on fast forward mode and it's starting to FINALLY slow down.  

I have been designing tons recently *HUGE HAPPY FACE* and am thrilled our two new bridal gowns, the Charleston & the St. Lucia, are finally available on our site. 

The Charleston has an uber fab three tiered illusion skirt that adds lots of flare and kick to the gown.  It also features our signature backless design with a rouched detail at rear.

The St. Lucia has the best element of surprise - the skirt zips off to become a short party dress.  Two-in-one, it's genius!


Nicole L. Hill shot our latest bridal lookbook and I'm super in love with the images.  Hope you all are into it as well.  

Have a great week and kisses from our little River man!  xx