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Cara - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Princeville Gown
Wed in Mexico - May, 2014
"I had so much fun working with the team at Katie May. From traveling to the studio to try dresses on in person with Katie herself to all of the follow up communication, I always felt like Katie and her team really cared about me and my wedding dress experience. I have not had many other customer service experiences quite like the one I shared with their team! I received so many compliments from friends and family on my dress and felt it was the perfect design that I could not locate close to home. Thanks to all for helping me pick the dress of my dreams!"

Cris - Malibu, California

Custom Gown & Veil
Wed in California - February, 2014
"As a former Miss Nevada I have worn many beautiful and special gowns, however I knew my most exceptional gown would be the one I wore my wedding day. After months of going to bridal salons and not finding anything I felt had wow factor nor spoke to my personal taste I was pleased to stumble upon the Katie May website via Pinterest. The Katie May gowns have a beautiful and refined elegance that exudes simple sex appeal, which was the exact esthetic I was looking for. My first meeting with Katie sealed the deal. She was obviously a passionate and talented woman who was willing to move mountains in order to take care of her brides. Deciding to go with a custom gown was the most exciting decision I had made in regards to my wedding. The entire Katie May team made each fitting, email exchange and phone call an absolute pleasure, adding zero stress to the exasperating time that is wedding planning. The end product was a custom dress and veil that made me feel beautiful, elegant, classic yet modern and sexy. Katie far exceeded my expectations in creating my dream gown. My Katie May gown made me feel more like a queen than any other gown I have worn and I am eternally grateful for her contribution to our special day. I would recommend a Katie May gown to any future bride!"

Tina - North Shore, Oahu

Santorini Gown
Wed in Hawaii - April, 2013
"Working with Katie to design my dress was the experience of a lifetime. Each of our meetings and fittings were filled with so much love, hardwork, dedication and perfection. From Katie and her team to fabrics to her showroom, not a detail of my experience was anything less than pure happiness! (I want to live in a Katie May gown in her showroom) Now, for the gown itself I am still in awe. More than a year after my wedding and I still love to just look at the beauty and craftsmenship! Katie worked with me so much on making my dream dress a reality! From the beautiful bodice that gave me such support and comfort, yet added so much to the ethereal "look" I was going for, to the back and the train which were jaw dropping!! I still have people that email and call just to tell me how much they loved my dress or to get info on the designer! ;) but one of my favorite parts of the dress and the whole experience itself was the beautiful and touching tag that Katie and my husband worked on putting in the dress. I didn't notice it until putting it on the day of my wedding and it brought me to tears. It's the care and details like this, added with the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen, that made my wedding day and my Katie May experience unforgettable!"

Mia - Sun Valley, Idaho

Vienna Gown
Wed in Idaho - June, 2013
"Working with Katie and her team at Katie May on my wedding gown was an absolute joy. Katie and her team truly took the time to get to know me and understand my vision for the big day which resulted in the creation of the dress of my dreams. Every time I walked into their beautiful studio I felt welcome, well attended to and appreciated which was so different from what I had experienced at other bridal stores. The end result was a drop dead gorgeous gown that I am still getting compliments on to this day!"

Jeana - Carlsbad, California

Charleston Gown
Wed in California - May, 2014
"I knew I had to have the Charleston Gown from the second I saw it online. After trying it on, I knew it was "The Dress" before I had even decided when and where my wedding would take place. Besides marrying my Husband, my dress was my favorite part of my wedding, and I felt absolutely beautiful wearing it."

Titania - North Shore, Oahu

Princeville Gown
Wed in Hawaii - April, 2014
"I spotted the Princeville dress on Pinterest and knew it was the ONE for my wedding in Hawaii. Katie and her team were very helpful and accommodating during my fittings at her showroom. She also recommended a stellar seamstress for alterations. The Princeville lace is so lightweight and gorgeous - it was perfect for a beach side wedding. Thank you!!"

Becky - Wintergreen, Virginia

Poipu Gown
Wed in Virginia - June, 2014
"Katie and her team made the experience of finding my dream dress better than I could have imagined. Being fitted by the actual designer herself was so special, she genuinely cares for each bride and made me feel so comfortable through the entire process. Katie even used her own computer to video conference my twin sister in so she could see my dress. The Poipu gown could not have been more perfect for my wedding day. Thanks again, Katie May!"

Erica - La Jolla, California

Charleston Gown
Wed in California - August, 2014
"I wanted something elegant and sexy at the same time. Katie May DEFINITELY made the Charleston Gown EXACTLY that! My whole experience with Katie May and the staff was amazing. The day I went to my view the dress/fitting was a special day being my passed grandparents wedding anniversary, so saying YES to the DRESS was so special. Seeing the dress hanging up right when I walked in, I knew it was"THE ONE" then meeting Katie May and having her take my measurements was pretty exciting as well! Her and her staff were so sweet. When I received my wedding gown it was packaged so unique I could feel the love. She even made a "something blue" Made with love for Erica tag in my dress which was a complete surprise and so meaningful! The day of my wedding I felt so beautiful and sexy.I got so many compliments on my dress. The Charleston gown is definitely one of a kind! Thank you Katie May and staff for making me feel so special and making me look amazing on my wedding day!!"

Kaitlin - Somis, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - August, 2014
"My Katie May gown was nothing short of a fairy tale dream come true. The attention to detail on my dress was immaculate, and it fit like it was make just for me (which it was!). The first thing my husband said when I got to the alter was how much he liked my dress. I wish I could wear it everyday! Thank you for the wonderful memories, Katie May."

Joanna - South Haven, Michigan

Poipu Gown & Lizzie Veil
Wed in Michigan - May, 2014
"Every aspect of the Poipu gown was absolutely gorgeous. Katie's attention to detail, down to the personalized tag, is impeccable! When I first learned that she was making a veil, I knew I absolutely had to have it. The Lizzie veil is obviously of the same quality as all of her gowns- beyond words gorgeous. The veil and gown together were absolute show stoppers. People will not stop commenting on the dress- and of course the back!! I cannot say enough good things about this designer and the beautiful pieces she produces. Thank you for giving me a wedding dress and veil I couldn't even dream up!!"

Tara - Pioneertown, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - May, 2014
"The Poipu gown was everything I ever wanted in a wedding dress. It was the only one I tried on and even then it was just a formality! I have never felt as beautiful, elegant, and sexy as I did on my wedding day. Thank you so much to Katie May and her amazing team!"

Karmin - Abaco, Bahamas

Poipu Gown
Wed in Bahamas - March, 2014
"I absolutely loved my Katie May Poipu gown. Thank you to Katie May and the entire team for helping make my dress be exactly what I had hoped for!"

Liya - North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Barcelona Gown
Wed in Hawaii - August, 2014
"The first time I saw a Katie May gown online I was absolutely in love. When I received the sample of the Barcelona gown I was even more in love. Because we were having a beach wedding I wanted something more flowy and elegant with a WOW factor. The Barcelona gown was absolutely perfect and fit like a glove (didn't need a single alteration!). I felt so pretty with just the right amount of sexiness for the wedding. I decided to pair it with a long chain necklace that I draped down my back (from Nordstrom). Katelin helped me through my selection and fitting process and was an absolute sweetheart and provided me world class service, I just can't stop raving about Katie May and all of my girlfriends are still asking me about the designer."

Stephanie - Cancun, Mexico

Charleston Gown
Wed in Mexico - June, 2014
"My experience with Katie May bridal was completely effortless. I did not have to worry about any details. The long distance process was easy and stress free. I would recommend them to every bride. You do not need to live near a bridal salon for your dream dress, the staff at Katie May will walk you through every step. I wish that day could of lasted forever, I felt amazing. I’ll never be able to thank them enough."

Blair - Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Poipu Gown
Wed in New Jersey - May, 2014
"The second I saw a Katie May dress online, I knew that it would be my wedding dress. Living on the other side of the country, it was such a relief to know I could have a sample sent to try on and that I'd have the Katie May team to talk to via Skype to ensure the perfect fit. And it was! When my dress arrived it fit amazingly. The whole process was a breeze, too. To say that everyone — especially my now husband — was wowed by my Katie May dress would be an understatement! Thank you for making the dress of my dreams!"

Melanie - Florence, Italy

Poipu Gown
Wed in Italy - June, 2014
"Thank you so much to Katie May and the team who made my whole experience so incredible. My gown was amazing and the customer service above and beyond. It was the little personalized and finishing touches that made it for me and my dream dress is still one I get compliments on from anyone who sees the pictures! Again thank you for everything"

Fiona - Long Island, New York

Princeville Gown
Wed in New York - July, 2014
"From the moment I saw the Princeville on Pinterest, I knew it was my wedding dress. Since Katie May didn't sell her dresses in NY at the time, I searched far and wide for something that would wow me the way that gown did, and after trying on 100+ dresses, I was still at a loss. When I contacted Katie through her website, I was so happy to hear that she had a process to help out of town brides like me. I received a sample in the mail, had a Skype consultation with her amazing team, and everything was amazing. Not only did the dress fit perfectly, and wow all of my 170 guests (and most importantly my husband), but Katie May's personal touches made me feel like the most important girl in the world throughout the whole process. That is how every bride should feel!"

Tracey - Waimanalo, Hawaii

Barcelona Gown
Wed in Hawaii - July, 2014
"My Katie May gown was such a wonderful part of our special day, and all of the things I was looking for in a dress; simple, striking, unique, and truly a perfect fit with our beautiful natural surroundings. Thanks so much to Katie and her wonderful staff for playing such a special part in the start of our marriage journey!"

Amanda - Temecula, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - April, 2014
"Katie May is a creative genius! I absolutely loved my gown and my whole experience. Everyone was so kind and helpful at the showroom in LA. I really wish I would have skipped all the local bridal stores that I first looked at and just went straight to Katie May. After feeling completely defeated with the countless typical dresses I tried on, I took to Pinterest and found a picture of a Katie May gown I had pinned early on in our 2 year engagement. I contacted them immediately to make an appointment for a fitting! I felt really welcomed by the girls in the showroom. The space is so elegant and I was in awe of every single gown. I narrowed it down to two of the sample gowns and eventually chose the Poipu- which was the very first gown that stole my heart. I was beyond happy with my choice. On my big day I felt so beautiful! Thank you Katie May! Your gowns are so effortlessly romantic!"

Eva - Cancun, Mexico

Poipu Gown
Wed in Mexico - July, 2014
"Katie's Poipu gown was my dream come true. So feminine and intimate, stylish and beautiful, it reflected my personality so well and I felt magical. Thank you Katie May for being you."

Jaughna - Copenhagen, Denmark

Santorini Gown
Wed in Denmark - July, 2014
"I almost decided I was not going to wear a bridal gown for our garden wedding in Europe. I found bridal gowns stiff, heavy, and even the ones marketed as “non-traditional” to be too traditional, or too plain, for my taste. Then I stumbled upon a Katie May gown via an online fashion boutique. I immediately fell in love with Katie's gowns' elegant and classy silhouettes and sexy plunging backs. The Santorini gown was precisely what I was looking for; a modern twist on a Grecian gown not for the faint of heart. I wore the Santorini gown for our wedding and it was absolutely perfect. The gown made me feel stunning and sexy with the little bit of “edge" I wanted. There are many memories from our wedding but at the top of the list is my gorgeous Katie May gown!"

Brooke - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Princeville Gown
Wed in Mexico - April, 2014
"My Princeville Gown fit me like a glove! This was exactly the dress I was looking for. I wish I could wear it everyday!"

Allie - Butler, Pennsylvania

Poipu Gown
Wed in Pennsylvania - May, 2014
"Katie May and her team are absolutely amazing!! I was completely in love with my dress. I wasn't able to meet with them in person because I don't live in LA, but they shipped me a sample dress to try on at home. I even got to Skype with them so they could see me in the dress. As soon as I returned the sample they started making a dress just for me, and it fit me like a glove! I could not have felt more beautiful on my wedding day! Katie May is an amazing designer, and her staff provided wonderful customer service. I can't say enough good things!!"

Codi - Gardnerville, Nevada

Poipu Gown
Wed in Nevada - July, 2014
"My experience with Katie May was beyond exceptional, and I've never felt more beautiful than I did in my wedding dress. Thank you guys again for making my wedding perfect!!"

Kelby - Poulsbo, Washington

Barcelona Gown
Wed in Washington - June, 2014
"I loved my dress because it was beautiful and original. My experience with the Katie May team was wonderful, I was going to travel to California so I could have my fittings, measurements and everything done in person but my Skype fitting worked perfect! I had minimal work done to my dress and felt amazing. The style of the dress fit my pacific northwest hawaiian beach boho vibe perfectly! I felt sexy and classy all at the same time! My husband didn't see my dress until I walked down the aisle and he knows me well enough to realize I wouldn't choose anything predictable. I tried to do a lot of pull ups before my wedding to do the back of the gown justice! "

Rebecca - New York, New York

Poipu Gown
Wed in New York - August, 2013
"The dress was and is amazing. Thank you for making this happen!"

Kailey - Ventura, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in Oregon - July, 2013
"Lots of compliments on your gown :) I loved wearing it!"

Helen - Norwich, United Kingdom

Poipu Gown
Wed in Norwich - August, 2013
"The dress was absolutely incredible! Even though we are in the UK, we had an incredible heatwave, and I could not have had a better dress for the weather."

Melissa - Kelowna, British Columbia

Poipu Gown
Wed in Nevada - May, 2013
"It was definitely my dress dress! Thank you so much."

Mallory - Cleveland, Ohio

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - June, 2013
"The wedding turned out perfectly and I couldn't have imagined saying "I Do" in any other wedding dress! You would not believe the "ooooohs" and "aaahhhhs" I got during the ceremony as I walked down the aisle and people saw the back of the dress..."

Shiree - San Jose, California

Princeville Gown
Wed in California - June, 2013
"Thanks again so much for making my dream wedding dress. I get to wear it again soon for a photo shoot and I couldn't be more excited!"

Patty - New York, New York

Poipu Gown
Wed in Oahu - May, 2013
"Thank you so much for making me such a wonderful dress-the day would not have felt complete without it! Everything happened so fast the morning of the wedding, but when my hair & make-up was finally done and I was able to slip into the gown-that was when I REALLY felt like a bride!"

Eva - Washington, DC

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - May, 2013
"My husband loved my wedding was a sexy yet very sophisticated dress. Thank you again for making the best day of my life even better by making me feel and look beautiful in your gorgeous gown."

Stephanie - Troy, Michigan

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - June, 2013
"The sample fit like a glove and the dress was perfect!"

Brandi - Chicago, Illinois

Poipu Gown
Wed in Jamaica - May, 2013
"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I felt beautiful, and sexy, and radiant all at once. The personal service that was giving to me was beyond anything that I could ever get from a big chain bridal store. I had a unique dress that fit the occasion perfectly! You guys ROCK!"

Gianna - Los Angeles, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in Mexico - June, 2013
"The wedding was so amazing!! The dress got rave reviews!"

Liz - Aspen, Colorado

Poipu Gown
Wed in Costa Rica - May, 2013
" I would highly recommend Conor, Katie, Julie and the entire Katie May team to any bride in need of something sexy, affordable and timeless. THANK YOU guys!!"

Nicole - West Hollywood, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in Mexico - March, 2013

Annie - La Canada, California

Poipu Gown
Wed in California - May, 2013
"I couldn't have asked for anything more! My dress was absolutely stunning! I am still getting compliments from our wedding guests and I couldn't have been happier with how things turned out! Thank you for making me feel so special & pretty on my wedding day!"

Tina - Las Vegas, Nevada

Poipu Gown
Wed in Nevada - April, 2013
"Words cannot express how happy I am!!! My wedding was everything I ever wanted and more! Thanks to Katie and Conor my dream dress was a possibility."

Carissa - San Diego, California


Poipu Gown
Wed in California - April, 2013
"Thank you for designing the gown of my dreams!"

Kristine - Kailua, Hawaii


Poipu Gown
Wed in Hawaii - April, 2013
"We had a blast and everyone said my dress was gorgeous!"

Marcy - Chicago, Illinois


Poipu Gown
Wed in Mexico - December, 2012
"I just returned from my wedding in Mexico!! What an amazing trip! I have received so so so many compliments on the dress!! The dress was/is stunning. I may have to renew my vows next year just so I can wear it again!!! THANK YOU for making me feel like a beautiful bride on my wedding day."

Caleche - Los Angeles, California


Poipu Gown
Wed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico - November, 2012
"It was beyond perfect, not a thing went wrong - we even had a rainbow form over our ceremony. I mean it was ridiculous!"

Jamie - Seattle, Washington


Poipu Gown
Wed in Princeville, Kauai - October, 2012
"Everyone could not stop commenting on my dress!"

Tanis - Durango, Colorado


Poipu Gown
Wed in Princeville, Kauai - October, 2012
"Thank you very much, loved the dress sooo much! As you can see my husband could barely keep his hands off me! :)"

Nicole - Billings, Montana


Poipu Gown
Wed in Costa Rica - October, 2012
"The wedding day was perfect and my gown was a hit! I also loved my Lara dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner. Thank you all! I'm so happy I found my Katie May gown!"

Annie - Grand Prairie, Texas

Poipu Gown
Wed in Poipu, Kauai - June, 2012
"Everything was perfect, including the dress! Thank you so much for such a lovely piece! I hope it makes many more brides as happy as I was!"

Kristine - Encinitas, California


Princeville Gown
Wed Princeville, Kauai - October, 2011
"I wanted to feel the most beautiful I have ever felt in my entire life on my wedding day.  My Katie May dress helped me accomplish that.  Thank you sissy."